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Amora™, The Ultimate Gem, Makes Its Global Debut

New crystal, never before available as a gem for consumers, debuts at Natural History Museum

SEATTLE, Nov. 11, 2011 — BetterThanDiamond, Inc. (, a privately held lab-gem maker, today announced the global debut of its new, patent-pending Amora H&A lab gemstone at the Hungarian Museum of Natural History in Budapest, Hungary. The new Amora lab-grown crystal, while naturally occurring as stardust around large carbon rich stars, has never before been available as a lab-grown gemstone for jewelry use on Earth.

The closest visual approximation for Amora is that of an exceptional mined diamond. However, Amora exceeds a gem diamond by nearly every measure. Amora displays 10% more brilliance than diamond, greater physical stability, higher color grade than most diamonds, and over 200% more fire. Whether grown on Earth or in nature as stardust, Amora is formed in temperature extremes that would vaporize diamond. Amora will be on exhibit at the Hungarian Natural History Museum alongside Jack Hills Zircon, the oldest crystals on planet earth at 4.4 Billion years old. The display is titled "The Oldest and The Newest" crystals on the planet.

"Today is the day Amora H&A makes gem history," noted Less P. Wright, president of "Our introduction of Amora H&A gem adds a new member to the short list of the world's most desirable gems and is the most brilliant of them all. In terms of pure mesmerizing beauty, Amora is the ultimate gem, readily surpassing even diamond due to Amora's high color and ability to produce exceptional brilliance and dazzling light play."

Mr. Wright elaborated: "Diamond is naturally occurring, and thus available on our planet, and arguably it has been the most sought-after gem for the past 400+ years. However, expand beyond what is natively available on Earth and you find there are a select few natural crystals in the universe that exceed even diamond in their optical and many physical properties. The temperatures required for the Amora gem to grow are extremely high and would vaporize diamond by comparison, hence why it is found as stardust around large stars and not natively on Earth. The difficulty is thus in growing and making it accessible as a gem here, especially on a production basis. Today, 11/11/11, we introduce a new gem to the world, our patent-pending Amora H&A: the ultimate gem."

Amora H&A is F color (true colorless) on the GIA diamond grading scale. All Amora H&A are cut to Hearts and Arrows specifications that have been optimized for Amora's exceptional brilliance. Fewer than 1% of natural gem diamonds are cut to H&A level of precision by comparison. Further, all Amora H&A's will be cut exclusively via robot, another industry first, to deliver super-human precision and unrivaled beauty.

BetterThanDiamond has filed a US patent application for the Amora H&A lab gem, and has multiple foreign patents in progress.

Availability of the Amora H&A for consumers will begin in selected countries in Spring, 2012, with initial sizes of 2ct and above. Supply will remain extremely limited in the near term due to the difficulty in scaling up production, as the crystal is very difficult and slow to grow. Consumers can learn more directly at's website at


With its background in solid-state chemistry and materials science, is focused on the research, development and delivery of the world's most stunning lab-grown gems. BetterThanDiamond supplies lab-grown gems to jewelers and consumers globally.

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